What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural, safe and effective approach to health and well being. It is about assessing your current level of health and determining what may be stopping your body from reaching its true health potential.

When exposed to any stress, the body responds in a specific way in order to create the best response for survival. This response is designed to help us cope and prevent further damage to the body.

So what happens when the level of stress is too much for the body to cope? Leave the problem long enough and the body will eventually break down and symptoms will surface without you even being aware.

What are the most common types of stress?

1. Physical Stress
Trauma, falls, accidents, incorrect posture, desk work, repetitive strain at work or play, sports and even child birth is a stress for both mother and the child.

2. Chemical Stress
Toxins, preservatives, cigarette smoke, medication, alcohol, drugs, environmental pollutants and poor diet.

3. Emotional Stress
Work pressures, deadlines, arguments with partners/family, life or career changes, relationship and family stresses.

Physical stress is the main focus for most Chiropractors. When the physical stress becomes too much for the body to cope the bones that make up the spine become stiff and lose their normal movement. This places enough pressure on our nervous system to impair the correct brain, nerve, organ communication and may lead to many health complaints. Joints that do not move properly and cause nerve interference are called Subluxations.

The true goal of Chiropractic is to detect the spine for Subluxations. Once located, your chiropractor will aim to correct and restore normal movement back into these joints with gentle Chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments aim to relieve pressure and interference from the nervous system and allow your innate healing ability to work properly.

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